'USB device has stopped working'; learn how to solve the error

Windows 10 automatically disables unused USB devices. This feature allows you to save energy and extend the battery life of notebooks, but can also cause problems with devices that you do not use frequently - such as printers.

How to reinstall Windows 10 without bloatware

If you have a USB device that does not work properly, try disabling the standby feature on the Microsoft system. By doing so, your computer will run out of battery power, but you may be able to troubleshoot peripherals that stop working after a few hours.

Learn how to fix the error: 'USB device stopped working'

Step 1. Access the Windows 10 settings and click "System";

Access Windows 10 Settings

Step 2. On the left side of the window, click "Power and Sleep". Now, on the right, click on "Additional power settings";

Open the power settings

Step 3. To the right of the selected power plan, click on "Change plan settings";

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Open the current plan settings

Step 4. Then click "Change advanced power settings";

Access power plan settings

Step 5. In the window that opens, go to "USB Settings" and "USB Selective Suspend Setup". You can disable the feature only when the computer is connected to the power and / or the battery. Finally, press "OK".

Disabling USB Selective Suspend

Ready! That way, Windows 10 will not disable USB devices connected to your computer to conserve power.