Adding or removing contacts from a group on WhatsApp Web

The Whatsapp Web, the PC version of the messenger, allows you to add or remove members of groups, just like on your mobile phone. Likewise, you must be a chat administrator to be able to perform the actions. You can add people manually or send external links to the invitees. Check out the following tutorial on adding or deleting a participant from a group on the WhatsaApp from your computer.

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Organize Whatsapp Web groups by adding or removing members

To add a contact

Step 1. Open the group and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the conversation. Then click on "Group Data";

Access group settings in Whatsapp Web

Step 2. Scroll down and go to "Add Participant";

Add a new member to a Whatsapp group from the computer

Step 3. A window will appear on the screen with the contact list. Look for the new entrant and click on it;

Choose the contact that will be added to the Whatsapp Web group

Step 4. Press the "Add Participant" button to confirm. The contact will be added;

Confirm the inclusion of the new group member in Whatsapp

Step 5. To send a group access link to a contact, touch "Invite to Group via link";

From the computer you can also add people to WhatsApp groups from access links

Step 6. You can forward the link to your friend by WhatsApp itself or copy the address to send manually. As soon as he accesses the link, it will be automatically added to the group.

Add people to a group on the WhatsApp Web by sending a link to them

To remove a member

Step 1. Still in the "Group Data" section, scroll down and see the list of participants in the conversation. Click the checkbox next to the contact that will be removed, and then click "Remove";

Access Whatsapp Web group settings to remove a member

Step 2. A confirmation window will pop up. Confirm by clicking "Remove."

Confirm removal of Whatsapp group member

Ready. Enjoy tips for organizing WhatsApp groups.

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