Adding trusted contacts on Uber

Uber has a tool that provides an important security feature for users. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the Trust Contacts feature lets you add people to the user profile to share races in a Uber car in real time. The feature is ideal for women who travel alone, elderly and users who value security.

The application allows you to add up to five trusted contacts who will receive alerts of their races on their cell phones. Once set up, a sharing button will be displayed as soon as a driver accepts your race request. That way, even before you get in the vehicle, your friend or relative will be warned.

To test the tool, we use an upgraded iPhone 7 with iOS 11. However, since the application is standardized, the following steps are the same in the version of the Android app.

Tutorial shows how to use the trusted contacts to share races in the Uber app

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Configuring security contacts

Step 1. Open Uber and touch the three bars icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then go to Settings.

Action to access Uber settings to set up a trusted contact

Step 2. Under "Manage trusted contacts, " touch the "Add trusted contact" option.

Action to start managing a security contact in the Uber app

Step 3. Use the search bar to type the name of the person you want to define as a trusted contact. The app will search for the contact in the phone book. To proceed, touch the corresponding search result.

Action to fetch a contact so it is set to security in the Uber app

Step 4. You can choose up to five trusted contacts. With the person selected, touch "Add". At this point, set whether you want to receive alerts to notify one of the trusted contacts about the route you are making for the service. To do this, choose "Remind me before every trip" or "Remind me at night." In case you want to send alerts manually, use the option "Do not remind me, I'll share my trips manually." In this example, Remind me before every trip. "Tap next to continue.

Action to define a trusted contact in the Uber app

Using the alert for trusted contacts

Step 1. Start a run normally in the application to check the alert option for security contacts.

Action to start a trip in the Uber app

Step 2. After confirming the race, a button will appear at the bottom of the screen so you can inform the trusted contact that is on a trip from Uber.

Action to share a route with a trusted contact in the Uber app

Use the tip to ensure more safety when using Uber services.

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