Agibank: how to make a serve

Agibank allows withdrawing money from the checking account in any Lottery House. For this, the user must generate a code and password of service within the application, available for iPhone (iOS) and Android. The company releases a maximum of R $ 2 thousand per day, and each withdrawal must be a maximum of R $ 1 thousand.

Looting must be done Monday through Friday, until 10 hours after the code is created in the app. See in the following tutorial how to take money from Nubank's competing digital bank account.

Learn how to add money to your Agibank account

How to create an account in Agibank

Step 1. When opening the official Agibank application, tap the "More" menu, identified with three vertical dots. Select "Lottery Cashout".

Path in the Agibank app for serving menu in Lotéricas

Step 2. Press the "Generate Loyalty Code" button. Then enter the value and press "Continue". Agibank establishes the ceiling of R $ 1 thousand per service. You can withdraw up to $ 2, 000, but for this you will need to generate two codes.

Entering the current account withdrawal value in the Agibank app

Step 3. The app will display a message confirming the operation and then show a financial summary of your checking account after the withdrawal. Press the "Continue" button, enter your four-digit password (PIN), and then tap "Continue".

Confirmation of the service code with password insertion of Agibank

Step 4. The message "Success code generated successfully" will appear. Shortly thereafter, the Agibank application will display the service code identifier and a four-digit password that will work only for this transaction.

Agibank checking account code and password

Now just go to a Lottery House within ten and make the serve. After this period, the password expires and you must perform the procedure again to create a new password and password.

In a note to TechTudo, Agibank pointed out that, in addition to the lottery houses, customers can also make cash withdrawals from the Banco24Horas network.

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