Agibank: how to pay bills by mobile

The Agibank virtual bank allows you to pay for light bill, telephone, internet and other bank calls through the cell phone. The feature can be used by anyone with an active account at Nubank's rival service. In addition to this mode, the app also allows you to send money to individuals, groups or companies via TED, Agipag and the contact details.

In this tutorial, TechTudo teaches you how to pay for the ticket in the Agibank app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS). Here's how to perform the procedure and clear your debts from your smartphone.

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Inviting friends to Agibank

Step 1. After creating the account in Agibank, open the app and tap the "Pay" button, available on the main screen. There are five payment methods. For this tutorial, we select the option "Ticket".

Selecting the account payment method in the Agibank app

Step 2. Place the barcode under the red line and wait for the data to be identified. If this does not occur, touch the "Enter barcode" button.

Agibank application barcode reader

Step 3. Enter the numerical sequence of the barcode without hyphens (the app inserts the dots automatically) and press "Continue". Check the amount, date of payment and name of the company or person who will receive the payment. Enter a description (such as "Light bill"), and then touch the green button with an arrow.

Entering account data that will be paid by the Agibank app

Step 4. The app will display an operation confirmation box. If the user has no available balance in his current account, payment will be made with the pre-approved limit, from which interest of 14.99% is charged after 5 days. Press "Yes" to have the app show a graph of your account summary after the transaction. Then touch "Continue."

Agibank current account graph after account payment

Step 5. The application will prompt you to enter the four-digit password you created during opening your account. Once this is done, the Agibank application will display a completed operation message and proof of payment.

Proof of account payment issued by Agibank

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