Alarm clock online: see how to use Alarmclock for custom songs

The Alarm Clock site allows users to use computer music as an alarm clock for an alarm clock online. With free operation, the platform is ideal for people who need to remember to carry out an activity and who can not forget appointments. The service also functions as an alarm with personalized music for small naps. However, the PC must be turned on for the alarm to be triggered at the set time.

Users can set a text for the alert, choose any song from the PC in MP3 format and choose a time for the music alarm clock. Check out the next step, how to set up an online alarm with personalized music with the Alarm Clock website.

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Step 1. Access the tool's website ( and enter the alert message in the "Notes to display" field;

Action to set an alert in Online Alarm Clock

Step 2. Click the "Choose File" button to open the file explorer of your computer;

Action to open the file explorer to attach a song in Online Alarm Clock

Step 3. Select the MP3 file on your computer and press "Open";

Action to attach a song to the Online Alarm Clock service

Step 4. In "Time to alarm", click the numbers to set the alarm time;

Action to set the alarm clock time in the Online Alarm Clock service

Step 4. After setting the time, check "Set Alarm" to set the alarm. At the selected time, the selected song will be played in repeat mode;

Action to activate an alarm clock in the Online Alarm Clock service

Step 5. To turn the alarm off, press "Stop Alarm".

Action to disable the Alarm Clock Online Alarm Clock service

Take advantage of the tip to keep an alert in counting on the computer so you do not forget to carry out important activities.

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