AliExpress: how to find the best prices with the AliPrice extension

If you plan to enjoy Black Friday on AliExpress, the AliPrice extension can help you find the best deals. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera desktop browsers, the add-on lets you view product price history on the official AliExpress website. So, you can know if the promotion is reliable or if the seller has increased the value before to lower it on Black Friday.

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The free extension also has other tools, including a price reduction alert and vendor reputation data, indicating which stores on AliExpress are trusted and which ones have problems. Here's how to use AliPrice and buy with legitimate discounts.

See how to take advantage of AliExpress offerings with AliPrice extension

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Step 1. Go to the AliPrice page, click "Download" and press the "Use in Chrome" button;

AliPrice extension page in the Chrome Web Store

Step 2. In the dialog that appears, select "Add Extension";

Installing the AliPrice extension in Chrome

Step 3. The extension will be added to the Chrome bar. When you enter a product page on AliExpress, a five-button bar will appear in the lower left corner of the screen;

AliPrice Toolbar displayed on a product page on AliExpress

Step 4. The button with a dollar sign ($) opens the price tracking tool. By clicking on it you will see, in a chart, the historical cost of the product on the Chinese site. In this example, we see that the offer is real: the current date value is the lowest amount ever charged by AliExpress in the last month. Click the gear icon at the top of the chart to access the AliPrice settings;

AliPrice Price Tracking Tool

Step 5. In the settings, you can change the theme (dark or light), change the language and set the page limit for loading. If you want to log in to AliPrice - which gives you access to tools like your favorites list and price drop alert -, press "Subscribe". Complete the registration using the credentials of Facebook, VK or Twitter;

AliPrice Extension Settings window, which compares prices on AliExpress

Step 6. Click the button with three faces to consult the seller's reputation. The extension informs the start date of the seller on AliExpress, percentage of positive evaluations, performance in communicating with the customer and matching the product to what is announced;

AliPrice Tool to Evaluate Seller Reputation on AliExpress

Step 7. The button with the "play" icon opens the user comments about the product. It is worth noting that, for the most part, there are no comments;

User comments window about product sold on AliExpress

Step 8. Click the button with heart icon and press "Price drop alert" to add the product in question to your favorites. When there is a reduction in price, AliPrice will notify you;

Activation of price drop alert on product sold on AliExpress

Step 9. Finally, the magnifying glass is the button where you can find the same product on the site. When entering it, you need to select the category of the item you are looking for - in this example, the category is "electronics";

AliPrice Extension Product Search Tool

Step 10. The AliPrice will open a new window with the "Same product" tab open. As you can see, the feature returned products quite different from the one researched, a Redmi 6 Pro phone from Xiaomi. TechTudo tested the tool with other items and failed at all times, something that only occurred in this particular function.

AliPrice function to search for the same product in AliExpress failed in the tests of the

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