Android with 4G off continues to spend credits: learn what to do

It is not uncommon for prepaid plan customers to identify undue charges involving mobile data. Even with the 4G connection disabled on the smartphone - that is, using Wi-Fi only - they claim that the phone continues to access the internet and consumes some of the credits. There are no complaints like this in the Claim here, and in one of them the TIM representative recommends that the customer change "from 4G to 3G".

TechTudo sought the operators Claro, Oi, TIM and Vivo with questions about the improper collection of data franchise. No tele has answered us until the original publication of this article. Subsequently, Vivo and Oi recognized the behavior, while Claro denied that it occurred. Read the answers to the end of the text.

Consumers report discount on data franchise even when 4G is off

Anyway, in Android smartphones it is possible to configure the mobile network for 3G frequency and get around the problem as directed the attendant. In the following tutorial, check out how to make the adjustment. Although the tips below have been tested on a Moto Z3 Play running Android O, they are valid for most phones with the system.

Trick on Android allows you to prevent 4G from accessing the internet when it's off; see below

Tips for discovering and preventing the Android phone from spending 4G internet

Step 1. Access your smartphone settings and go to "Network and Internet".

and Internet "

Step 2. Select the "Mobile Network" option. On the next screen, touch "Advanced.

Mobile "in the settings, open the" Advanced "

Step 3. Select "Preferred Network Type" and then check the "3G" or "WCDMA (Preferred) / GSM" option.

Determine the type of preferred network such as 3G

Step 4. From now on, your smartphone data will only be transmitted over the 3G network. Afterwards, if you want to use the 4G network again, simply access the settings again and select the "4G" or "LTE (preferred) / WCDMA / GSM" option.

At any time, it is possible to return to the settings screen and reactivate the 4G network

Once your smartphone is using the 3G network, the internet connection will not occur while the mobile data is turned off, preventing undue charges.

What the above say

Claro sought TechTudo after the story was aired. In the face of consumer protests, the operator sent the following note:

"Claro informs that only the data traffic proactively used by the customer is charged or deducted from the franchise. Therefore, there is no charge if you disable the smartphone connection. "

In a statement, Oi claims to take steps to ensure that the consumer is not affected by data traffic, which is considered to be "inherent" to 4G. Look:

"This small involuntary data traffic, observed even when the user deactivates the data option on their handset, is an inherent feature of 4G technology. Oi has internal mechanisms to handle this traffic, preventing the customer from being harmed in any way. "

Vivo acknowledges that charging can occur on both Android phones and iPhones. Check out the company's clarification:

"Daily internet charging can happen in 4G terminals, or with the 4G function enabled. This is due to the specificity of most smartphones that, even after the mobile network is deactivated, does not end the consumption in its entirety, maintaining a small exchange of traffic (bytes) of control between the terminal and the network of the operator. In 3G mode, when the terminals have the mobile data option disabled, the connection is completely disabled, with no data traffic between the network and the client terminal. Vivo, since the beginning of the year, has discarded the first 100 Kb / s of all customers, regardless of whether the device is 3G or 4G. "

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