Android Backup O: Saving Calls and SMS Messages

Android O (8) allows users to back up their mobile information such as call history, SMS, applications, data, contacts, and device settings. Backup is useful for storing information and making it easier to switch smartphones, since information is saved in Google Drive.

In this tutorial, TechTudo shows you how to back up your data through your Google account. The step by step was performed on a Moto Z2 Play with Android Oreo and also serves for other devices.

Android Oreo allows you to back up system information

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Step 1. Access the system settings and go to "Google."

Access Android settings

Step 2. Scroll the screen until you reach the "Backup" item. Touch the option.

Go to the Android backup option

Step 3. Tap the key in the upper right corner of the screen to activate SMS backup; call history; apps and app data; contacts; and device settings.

Enable backup in Google Drive

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