Android guide: how to put password in the personal finance app

GuiaBolso offers password protection to block the app on Android phones. The feature is important to prevent third-party access to sensitive content, since the app allows you to synchronize the user's bank account and credit cards with the service.

By using a code to open the program, it prevents potential intruders from having access to your complete statement, displayed as detailed as conventional Internet banking. Here's how to create the extra security layer in GuiaBolso by your smartphone.

TabBolso allows you to set cell locking password

GuiaBolso renewed the accounts and reveals how much is left at the end of the month

Step 1. Access the settings and select the "Security code" option.

Access the lock code menu in the

Step 2. Tap "Enable Security Code" to open the keypad and set the lock password. Repeat the code on the next screen to activate.

Activate and set a protection code in GuiaBolso

Step 3. After activating the lock, go back to the "Security Code" menu to change the combination or disable the protection of GuiaBolso on the mobile phone.

Change the code or disable security in GuiaBolso's app

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