Android Messaging for Web has hidden emoji; see how to use

Android Messaging has won a web version at the end of June, which allows you to send SMS directly from a browser on your computer. While still fresh, users have begun to find hidden secrets in the program, the famous Easter Eggs, which are quite common in Google services.

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In the case of the messenger, the easter eggs are words or phrases with no space between the characters, preceded by a slash (/), which function as shortcuts for several kaomojis, Japanese emoticons consisting only of keyboard characters. Just enter the terms and send for the "magic" to happen. But beware: the feature only works if the expressions are entered at the beginning of the message. Here's what words or phrases to use to send fun SMS on your PC.

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Android Message

  • / shrug or shruggie (in Portuguese, to shrug);

Image related to the word shrug

  • / sunglasses or / dealwithit (sunglasses or deal with it, in free translation): "arrogant" expression used to tell a person that they should put up with a situation they do not like or accept;

Emoji with sunglasses on Android Message

  • / tableflip (turn table, in free translation): in this easter egg, the kaomoji turns the table of anger;

Turning the table on Android Message

  • / tableback: used to indicate that the person is calm, after being irritated;

Another easter egg from Android Posts

  • / that: it shows the kaomoji pointing to something on the right;

Pointing on Android Message

  • / this (this, in free translation): already in that shortcut, the kaomoji points to the left;

Emoji corresponding to / this

  • / wizard (wizard or magician, in free translation): the kaomoji holds a magic wand with a star on its tip;

Witch drawing that is sent while typing / wizard

  • / yuno (why do not you ...): this expression is used when you want to call someone's attention to a specific point;

Emoticon of the famous meme YU No

  • / success: the kaomoji has one of the arms raised with the hand closed in hand to indicate effort;

Happy face on Android Messages

  • / happy (in free translation);

Image formed with the tag / happy on Android Messages

  • / facepalm (hand in the face, in free translation): expresses frustration, shame or disappointment;

Doll with his hand on his face in the easter egg of Android Message

  • / disapprove (disapprove, in free translation);

Emoticon of disapproval on Android Message

  • / algebraic (algebraic, in free translation);

Another easter egg from Android Posts

  • / praisethesun (praise in the sun, in free translation).

Praise to the sun is also among the emoji hidden in Android Messages

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