Android O has quick functions similar to 3D Touch; learn how to use

Android Oreo has a feature quick access to features, something similar to the one offered by 3D Touch, iPhone (iOS). While Apple users need to hold hard on the icons of the programs, those of the Google system should press them for a few seconds to see the shortcuts.

The tool displays a menu with the quick functions of each compatible app. There's even the option to create widgets, app info, and anyone with the point notification system enabled can see the information that generated the alert. Here's how to use the feature in the top Android apps.

Android guarantees quick access to app functions

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Google Calendar quick shortcuts let you create a new event or reminder with just one tap. When you select one of the two options, the app opens directly in the chosen option.

Android Calendar app shortcuts


The Android Files folder, as the name says, brings together all of the image, video, and audio files on your smartphone. By default, when it opens, it always displays the latest downloads made on the phone. But by using the fast function feature, you can quickly access all of the images contained in the device.

File folder shortcut for Android


The Google browser is one of the applications compatible with the feature that makes life easier for users. By pressing the Chrome icon for a few seconds, you can open an anonymous tab without having to access app settings, or browse a new common tab.

Chrome lets open anonymous tab in shortcut on Android O

To set up

In the Android Configure app, the user finds all device configuration options, ie network, screen, battery, sound, applications, and more. However, when using the function that resembles Apple's 3D Touch, you can check Wi-Fi settings, check mobile data consumption, enable data saving, and access device information and battery options.

There are shortcuts to battery settings, data usage and wi-fi on Android O


Drive shortcuts on Android O

The cloud file storage service app is also compatible with quick access to some of its functions. The "Search" shortcut lets you search for files and folders created in your account, while "Scan" directs you to the scanner tool in just one tap. Under "Upload, " the user can add new smartphone items to Drive faster.


Users of Google productivity apps have access to the individual icons for the Documents, Slides, and Sheets of the service. The shortcut function, however, further simplifies the use of these services by allowing one-touch search of files from that particular extension, accessing the ready-made templates, or creating a new document, presentation, or worksheet.

You can create new Drive documents via Android Oreo shortcuts


The iOS 3D Touch-like feature gives Android users quick access to the email account (ideal for anyone who uses more than one) in Gmail and lets you write a new message directly from the system tray.

You can write a new email in Gmail through the shortcuts of Android 8

Google Keep

The Google Notes and Mailing Lists app also brings a variety of features through the shortcut. It is possible to create a new audio note (ideal for those who remember something in the middle of the street or driving and do not have time to stop and write) or make a quick note with photo. You can also create a common list or note.

Google Keep offers some shortcut vi functions of Android

Google Maps

The Maps shortcut feature makes the user's life easier by ensuring one-click access to the route to home or work. For this, however, it is necessary that the addresses of these locations be registered in the service.

Through shortcuts, Google Maps lets you route home or work

Google Search

Google search can be made even easier with the help of this feature. By pressing the icon for a few seconds, the user can check the recent activities performed on the device, under " personal "as well as recall the latest searches made through the tool. The application also guarantees fast access to voice search and also to search on a regular basis, that is, when typing what you want to find on the platform.

Google search gets easier with Android shortcuts


By pressing the "Message" icon for a few seconds, the system displays a shortcut for the latest SMS received or sent. By tapping on them, the user opens the conversation and can immediately start over from where they left off. The application also ensures the creation of a new message by functionality.

Android shortcuts allow you to resume the latest SMS conversations quickly

Google Play Store

The quick access feature lets you view all of the user's applications in the Google Play Store with just one click. So you can see the latest updates, which applications are installed, the history of those that have already been downloaded to the device and which ones are Beta, that is, those that are a trial version.

Android 8 shortcuts on Google Play


Interestingly, the Android clock has a number of options that can be accessed from the shortcuts. The user can activate the night screen protector (totally dark, which displays only the hours), create a new timer, start a stopwatch or add another alarm.

The Android clock has a number of shortcuts to its functions


Spotify is one of the few non-native apps on the system, or that are not made by Google, compatible with quick access to features. The feature leads to the search in the app as well as the last songs heard or saved.

Spotify is one of the few non-native apps supported by the Android Oreo Shortcuts feature


The phone function has an obvious but very useful shortcut: by pressing its icon for a few seconds, the user has access to recent contacts.

Last dialed contacts appear in the Android phone shortcut


The Todoist Task Organizer app is another example of a non-native program that supports the feature. It allows quick access to the day's agenda, the search for activities or the creation of a new task.

App Todoist also has shortcuts on Android Oreo


WhatsApp users also benefit from the feature. With the shortcuts, you can access the last three conversations in the application and still use the camera to take a picture and send quickly to the contacts.

WhatsApp allows quick access to the latest conversations and camera through the shortcuts of Android 8


By pressing the YouTube icon for a few seconds, you can quickly access videos that are on the platform, check your own channel information, and search for the movies available on the service.

YouTube and its shortcuts on Android O

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