Android O: Limiting apps in the background and saving battery power

Android O lets you block the activity of apps that are not in use to save your phone's battery. In this way, the software does not perform processes that are hidden to the user, but that continue to consume energy. Although the system controls newer apps on its own, you need to adjust the others manually in the settings.

The feature is also useful for restricting the operation of heavy apps, such as Facebook. Here's how to use the feature that prevents your phone from running on battery power with apps that are closed. The procedure is valid for smartphones that already run the latest system from Google, such as Galaxy S8 and S9, Moto Z and Moto Z2 Force, among others.

Learn to limit apps in the background to save battery power on Android 8 Oreo

Turning off dot notifications for apps on Android Oreo

Step 1. Access your mobile settings and tap the "Applications" option. In this walkthrough, we use a Galaxy cell phone manufactured by Samsung.

Visit the Android 8 Settings app menu

Step 2. From the list of installed apps, select an application that usually uses a lot of battery power on the phone. Then tap the "Battery" option.

Access the battery options of an installed application

Step 3. Applications that do not pass through the Android 8 Oreo control display the "Allow background activity" option in the footer. If the app in question shows this function, turn off the key to the side to restrict program operation when not in use.

Remove permission from the application to run in the background

The side effect of limiting apps has to do with notifications. Chats like WhatsApp and Telegram can display message warnings less frequently.

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