App blocks the child's cell at a pre-set time; see how to use

AppLock is an Android application that can control the use of mobile phones by children. The tool offers profile creation to set times for certain apps, games, and smartphone features to be used only with a password. The application may be useful for parents to schedule video or game pauses on YouTube, for example. Learn how to configure AppLock with the tutorial below.

AppLock: Control the use of children's and teen's mobile with the app

Google Family Link: Tracking apps on your child's mobile phone

Creating Profiles

Step 1. Download and install AppLock on your child's cell phone. At the first access, set a secret security pattern to lock the application - later you can also define a numeric code. Then the app will automatically add the child's email as a means of password recovery. Delete the information and enter your own email address.

Set a pattern and enter your email

Step 2. When you open the app, touch the profile addition menu for a list of apps and features to block. AppLock makes it impossible to access mobile settings by default, but it's important to limit Google Play, too, to prevent downloading of new apps without parental permission.

Create a new profile and enable Google Play lock

Step 3. Scroll down the page to find the list of apps installed on your phone. Activate the lock next to the apps you want to keep locked in the parental control profile. At the end, determine a name for the profile, such as "School time, " and tap Save.

Turn on blocking to other apps, set a name for the profile, and save

Step 4. You can create multiple locking profiles and leave them active at different times throughout the week. The function allows, for example, to create a "Bedtime" profile to deactivate all the functions of the cell phone during the night. To do this, tap the lock at the bottom of the profile creation screen and hit "Ok" in the prompt to lock everything.

Create a profile with lock to all features on the phone

Setting schedules

Step 1. With the profiles already created, program the schedules in which they will be activated. Tap the clock icon in the AppLock main menu and use the + button to add a new time.

Create a new block time in AppLock

Step 2. Tap "Unblock All" to choose a profile to fire, and select one that was previously created.

Choose an already created profile

Step 3. Set dates and times to start activating the lock. Then add a new item to the list to mark the end of the lock. Leave the second setting set to "Unlock All".

Enter the start and end of the lock

Step 4. Add other profiles, if necessary, taking care not to schedule for a conflicting time. In the example, we set a quieter lock-in time for the child's class schedule, and a second, more restrictive period of prohibition at night.

Activate other locking profiles and set the time

AppLock will work alone to perform the scheduled locks, which can only be reversed with the administrator's password.

Creating a numeric password

Step 1. AppLock works with block design, but you can create a numeric password in the "Protect" menu. Then touch "Unlock Settings".

Access the AppLock unlock settings

Step 2. Tap "Password" and set a sequence of numbers to unlock AppLock.

Create a numeric password to unlock AppLock

Preventing uninstallation

AppLock has an uninstall lock system that prevents the child from removing the app to cancel the lock. However, the feature is not enabled by default. Follow the step-by-step to enable.

Step 1. In the application's "Protect" tab, touch "Advanced Protection" to be redirected to an AppLock secondary app on Google Play. Download and install the device.

Download AppLock Sub App

Step 2. Back to AppLock, grant admin permissions to the newly downloaded app so that it is prevented from being uninstalled.

Turn secondary app into device admin

Step 3. Next, do the same for the AppLock primary application. From there, while trying to remove the program, the mobile phone will issue an alert preventing the uninstallation. You can only delete the app by canceling Advanced Protection in the settings and with the unlock password in hand.

Turn the primary app into admin also to prevent uninstalling without a password

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