App to talk in English with native speakers: see how to use HiNative

The HiNative application is a platform designed to help students learn new languages ​​from their cell phones. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the tool lets you create and answer questions to gain points in the community and evolve in language learning. The service displays questions from other users and lets you enter text and audio responses with your smartphone's microphone. The free download is done in official apps stores, Google Play and App Store. In addition to the free version, the app has a subscription system that offers extra features for users.

One advantage is the ability to practice multiple languages ​​at once: just filter the questions into the language you want to practice at the moment. As with the answers, questions can be asked in audio or text format. In this way, it is possible to converse with native speakers of a given language and check the correct pronunciation of the words. The resource is useful because the student can choose when and for how long he wishes to improve his knowledge in the foreign language. To learn how to use HiNative and learn a new language on Google's and Apple's operating system mobile phone, check out the TechTudo tutorial below.

How to learn mobile language with Beelinguapp

Tutorial shows how to use the HiNative application to learn a new language using the mobile phone

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Step 1. Install HiNative on your mobile phone through the. Open the application and use one of the registration options. For this example, we'll use the "Sign up with Facebook" button - you can also use a Google or Twitter account. To proceed, touch the "Continue" button in the alert window;

Start a HiNative application with a Facebook account

Step 2. Confirm your registration via Facebook on the "Continue as (your username)" button. In the next window, check your username and e-mail. To continue, go to "Next";

Set a user name in the HiNative application

Step 3. At this point, indicate your degree of knowledge in your native language and in the ones you want to learn by the application. To add another language, touch the "Add language of interest" button. From the list, choose the language;

Add a secondary language to learn from the HiNative app

Step 4. Set your level of knowledge in the new language and, in the next window, tap next to finish the language setting of the app;

Set languages ​​in the HiNative application

Step 5. The application splash screen displays questions asked by other platform users. Just tap on them to add a text or audio response from the chat screen. The top displays orange-colored phrases that define which language is currently in use. You can toggle it at any time by touching the descriptions;

Answer questions in the HiNative application

Step 6. Click the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen to display the question filter. Choose from unanswered questions that raise questions about one of your languages ​​of interest, audio questions, and those that require only voice responses. To effect one of the filters, touch the "OK" button. The "Notifications" tab at the bottom of the screen displays platform alerts in your profile;

Filter questions and see the HiNative application notification window

Step 7. The question screen displays templates with specific questions. To create a specific question, go to "How do you say this?", Write the question and tap the "Post" button;

Create a question about a language in the HiNative application

Step 8. The "Premium" tab displays information to take advantage of unique features of the application. The user can tap "Profile" to track their progress in languages, check questions, read responses from other users, and access application settings.

See subscription options and the HiNative application profile screen

Ready. Use the tips and be sure to learn a new language on the phone with HiNative.

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