Apple will fix faulty MacBook keyboards; see how to check

Apple has announced a special technical assistance program for MacBooks that has a keyboard defect. With the measure, computer units manufactured between 2015 and 2017 with this problem will have the component exchanged at no cost, even if the warranty is finished.

The move came in response to a collective lawsuit filed by consumers in the United States and is valid for the entire world, including Brazil. Learn all about the novelty and see how to know if your Mac is on the list of eligible models.

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Keyboard that debuted on the 12 "MacBook presents chronic problem

The free repair of keyboards will only be done in three specific cases. According to Apple, the computer must display letters or characters that repeat unexpectedly, do not work or whose keys appear to be locked.

These computers should be taken to an authorized service center to request the free repair. After evaluation, technical support may choose to change only the malfunctioning keys or the full keyboard. The benefit does not extend to free repair for other defects, nor does it extend the MacBook warranty period.

Collective action

Apple has launched the repairs program due to a lawsuit against the company in the US court. Users complain about a design flaw that would have caused a chronic keyboard defect in certain MacBook models.

Apple admits the existence of the problem, but claims that it is present in only a "small percentage" of the machines. Still, the number of products affected should be large. An online petition calling for recall of products, for example, has brought together more than 20, 000 people from many countries.

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Those who paid for the repair of defective keyboard Macs may contact Apple to process the refund. According to some users, although the company now offers the possibility to exchange only a few keys, they were forced to spend more than $ 2 thousand on a new keyboard in the authorized assistance.

How to know if your MacBook is eligible

The special extension of the keyboard warranty is only valid for MacBook models with the "butterfly" keyboard, which came on the market in 2015. Here's how to find out if yours is eligible.

Step 1. Go to the Mac main menu and click "About this Mac".

Go to menu About This Mac

Step 2. In the first line of the model description, check if the information corresponds to one of the models listed below:

  • MacBook (Retina, 12inch, Early 2015)
  • MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016)
  • MacBook (Retina, 12inch, 2017)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016)
  • MacBook Pro (13inch, 2017)
  • MacBook Pro (15inch, 2016)
  • MacBook Pro (15inch, 2017)

See if your MacBook is on the list of models affected by chronic failure

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