Bandwidth Control on Intelbras router: how to limit Wi-Fi speed

The routers from the Brazilian manufacturer Intelbras allow the user to limit the speed of the Internet with just a few clicks. The function, called Bandwidth Control, manages connection usage and allows you to set both the download and upload speed that each device connected to the wireless or cable network is entitled to.

The feature can be useful to minimize the impact caused when the connection is overloaded or even to choose which devices will get the Internet faster. See, in the following tutorial, the step-by-step how to use and configure Bandwidth Control on your Intelbras router.

How to upgrade the firmware of an Intelbras router

Here's how to limit the speed of the Internet on the Intelbras router

Step 1. With the Internet browser open, enter the IP address of your router in the address bar. On Intelbras devices, it is usually, but if it does not work, watch this tutorial or watch the video below to find out the IP of your device;

Learn how to find the IP address of the router

Step 2. When entering the IP number and pressing Enter, you will be redirected to the router's configuration interface. Log in to the system with the user name "admin" and "admin" password (without quotes).

Log in to the admin panel of the Intelbras router

Step 3. In the upper menu "Settings", click on the "Band Control" section;

of Band "

Step 4. Now enable the tool by checking the box indicated in the image below;

Enable the function to limit Internet speed

Step 5. It's time to set an Internet speed for each device. In the "IP Address" field, enter the IP number of the device you want to limit the connection to, and then select whether the rule applies to "Download" or "Upload."

Then enter in the "Bandwidth range" field the minimum and maximum speed in kb / s that the device will be entitled to. Make sure the "Enable" box is checked, click "Add" and record all information by clicking the "Save" button. Repeat for each device on the network.

Set the minimum and maximum upload and download speed for the device

Ready! Now you know how to set an Internet speed for each device connected to your home network. It is worth mentioning that the tutorial was carried out on the router WRN 150, but it is useful for several other Intelbras models.