Battlefield V: See how to download the beta on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Battlefield V, Electronic Arts' shooting game, started open multiplayer testing. The beta is now available for download on PS4, Xbox One and PC (via Origin), and allows players to test the online mode from September 6, "for a limited time" and not yet specified by EA. It is possible, however, to advance the service and leave the file downloaded and installed on your PC or console. Know how:

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What are the dates and what's in the beta?

Before starting the process, know that the beta is already available for download since this Monday (September 3), but only opens the doors to its users on September 6, at an hour not yet revealed. Who signs EA Access or Origin Access, on Xbox One and PC, can start the game from September 4th.

Battlefield 5 starts its beta for everyone on September 6

The beta will hold 64 players in Conquest mode, on the map of Rotterdam or on the Arctic Fjord map. The beta will also feature two modes of "Grand Operations", new game functionality, guided by historical facts and merging with gameplay.

How to download the beta on PS4

Step 1. Open the PS4 online store on the computer or on your console and go to the search field, type "Battlefield V" to search;

Go to the PS4 Store Search field and search for Battlefield V

Step 2. Select the open beta of Battlefield V;

Select the Battlefield V Open Beta, which is free

Step 3. Select "Add to Cart";

Add game to PS4 cart

Complete the "purchase", which is free, to begin the download on the console.

How to download beta on Xbox One

On Xbox One, the beta requires EA Access subscription.

Step 1. At the console's online store or on the device itself, open the search field and search for "Battlefield V";

Search for Battlefield V in the Microsoft Store Search

Step 2. Select early access to the Battlefield V open beta;

Select Early Access to Battlefield V Beta

Step 3. Rescue with your active EA Access subscription;

Redeem the game while logged in to your EA Access account

Just confirm the download and make the transfer on the console.

How to download beta on PC:

Step 1. Open Origin, the EA digital gaming platform, and search for "Battlefield V";

Go to Origin and search for Battlefield V

Step 2. Open the "Battlefield V Standard Edition" page;

Choose Battlefield V Standard Edition

Step 3. Click on "Early Test";

Click on Advanced Test

Step 4. Click "Add to Game Library";

Add the game to your Origin library

Just download it to your computer. Remember that Origin Access is required in this case.