Best apps to put password in WhatsApp for anyone to mess around

Applications to block WhatsApp with password are of interest to users on Google Play. Free platforms like App Protector, Lockdown Pro and Norton App Lock can do the job efficiently and can be used on Android phones. The private and sometimes confidential character of the content exchanged in the messenger is an urgent reason to give extra protection to the service and to prevent that intruders access the conversations and files exchanged in the chat.

To help those interested in the tools, TechTudo has compiled the list below that brings together the top five options for WhatsApp password applications that are geared toward the Google operating system. The alternatives do not require registration, besides working for other services, such as Facebook, Gmail and Google Photos, for example.

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1. AppLock lock

AppLock Lock allows you to password-block or default any Android applications. The system already brings WhatsApp selected as an application to be protected, but you can check other options such as Messenger and Gmail. Once the code is set, the lock screen will appear each time the message is opened.

AppLock lock blocks WhatsApp with password or default

2. App Protector

The App Shield also allows you to enter password or design lock. For this you need to create a numeric code in the first step of the application, but then you can register a pattern and select this form to unlock WhatsApp.

The tool also requires the user to enter a security question, an alternative to be used to recover the account if the password is forgotten. As with all other services in the category, you must enable access to use in Android settings.

App Protector Requires Numeric Password Creation and Security Question to Lock Apps

3. Locx: App Lock

With a modern interface, Locx: App Lock offers an intuitive way to protect WhatsApp and other password-protected applications. The messenger is one of the ones that appears in the app's own protection recommendations list, just tap the lock icon to apply the lock.

The program also offers other privacy enhancing functions such as a photo safe and a theme to camouflage the lock screen. The measure prevents them from trying to figure out your password to access the contents of the phone without permission.

Locx: App Lock brings modern interface for blocking apps on Android

4. Lockdown Pro

Lockdown Pro is ideal for anyone who wants to protect WhatsApp with other forms of locking besides the numeric and default password. In addition to these two, the service includes the ability to protect the messenger with digital fingerprint (if the smartphone has the function) and still brings a calculator interface to mislead the intruders. The user can also choose how many digits the password has, set a random keyboard to make it difficult for strangers to access and configure the PIN according to the time.

The multiple functionalities of the software is the advantage that justifies the choice of it. The artifacts improve the obstacles to having free access on the cell phone and can be an ideal option for the most cautious users.

Lockdown Pro Has WhatsApp Fingerprint Locking Option

5. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is Norton's application blocker. The free platform has the same basic protection options - password and standard - but it provides the remote photo feature, capable of capturing an image of anyone trying to unlock the phone and fail after three times. The archive with sensitive images is stored in a specific folder in the Google operating system. The measure brings a function that gives the user the chance to identify malicious people without them being suspicious.

Norton App Lock blocks applications with password and takes photo of who tries to unlock your device

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