Biometrics in the 2018 Elections: How to know if your title was canceled

The biometric registration will be mandatory to vote in some cities in Brazil. At those polling places, those who did not register for biometrics have the voter's title canceled by the Superior Electoral Court. The measure has raised doubts among voters because they do not know if they will be able to participate in the 2018 Elections on October 7. There is also uncertainty about which cities require digital registration. On the TSE website, you can check the status of your title and check the list of cities with mandatory biometric review in each state. The procedure can be done in any Internet browser, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, for example.

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See if your title is regular in the Higher Electoral Court and if there is a need for biometric registration

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Canceled voter's title?

Step 1. Enter the TSE's electoral situation consultation page ( and click on "Query";

Check the electoral situation of the title on the website of the Superior Electoral Court

Step 2. Enter your full name or voter registration number in the first field. Then enter the date of birth and check the box "I am not a robot". Finally, press the "Browse" button;

Fill in the data to consult the electoral situation on the TSE website

Step 3. If "Regular" appears, your voter registration has no impediment to the 2018 Elections. However, if the message is "Irregular", you will not be able to vote on the 7th and 28th October - for locations with a second shift.

Check the electoral status of the voter's title on the TSE website before the 2018 Elections

In which cities is biometric registration compulsory?

The list of cities with compulsory biometric re-registration is available from the Regional Electoral Court (TRE). Each state has a website with its own dynamics, but they are all gathered in the portal of the TSE and have a menu for biometrics. If you want to check which municipalities in your state have already passed the procedure, follow the general guidelines below, reproduced from the TRE-RJ website.

Step 1. Go to the regional courts page on the TSE website ( and click on their status, either in the map representation or in text links;

TSE website brings together regional courts websites from all over Brazil

Step 2. In general, the portals of the TREs keep the link "Biometric registration" highlighted in the home page in the menu on the left. Click on it;

Access the menu of biomedical registration on the website of the Regional Electoral Court of your state

Step 3. Touch the submenu "Mandatory biometric registration";

Access the mandatory biometric enrollment submenu on the TRE website

Step 4. The site will display the list of cities that are required to re-register biometric. In the case of Rio de Janeiro, the revision is required for the voters of the municipalities of Queimados, São Sebastião do Alto and Trajano de Moraes.

View the list of cities with biometric re-registration required in your state from the TRE website

Ready. Take the hint and check out your electoral situation before the 2018 elections.

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