Black Friday 2018 Deals: How to Compare Prices in the Buscapé App

The Buscapé application can be useful for comparing product prices and checking the history of the values ​​on promotion on Black Friday 2018, next Friday (23). The app is free and is available for Android and iPhone (iOS). The event takes place in various parts of the world and promises discounts and advantages in various retail segments. The consumer should analyze the offers to find the cheapest stores and avoid false settlements.

The tool is useful for those interested in shopping at this time of year, as it helps save time and brings more security when doing some transaction. Check below how to compare prices of products between stores and see the value history by the Buscapé application. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 7 with iOS 12, but the tips also apply to devices with the Google system, as well as other versions of Apple software.

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Buscapé app compares prices and shows history charged by online stores

Want to buy cell phone, TV and other discount products? Know the Compare

Step 1. Download the Mobile Buscapé application in the. On the home page, search for the desired product in the search field or browse the available categories. For this example, we use iPhone X;

Buscapé application compares prices of different products

Step 2. On the results page, select the "Sorted by" option and then "Lowest price" to see the cheapest options at the top of the screen;

Buscapé shows product list ordered by lowest price

Step 3. Touch the filter icon in the upper right corner to refine the search. You can choose the desired brand, product features, available stores and prices. Finish with the "OK" button;

It is possible to filter the searches in Buscapé to find the ideal product

Step 4. Click on a product to see the price comparison of it in the stores of the market;

Buscapé shows different prices of the same product in online retail stores

Step 5. To see the lowest prices, select the "Computer by" option and then go to "Lowest price";

You can see the lowest prices of a product in the Buscapé app

Step 6. Select the "Price History" option to see the oscillation of values ​​in the last months. This way you can find out if the product is actually on sale. The app allows you to select the period of the last 30 days, three or six months and a year;

Buscapé shows graph with price history of the product in up to one year

Step 7. Go to "Create Alert" to receive a notice about reducing the price of the product. The user must enter the desired price in the "Notify me when the price drops to" field.

Buscapé issues low app price alert

Ready. Enjoy the tips to save on Black Friday 2018 with the Buscapé app.

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