Black Friday 2018 offers: how to receive promotions before the day of the event

Black Friday 2018 takes place on November 23rd. As in every year, big stores promise exclusive deals and discounts on electronics, appliances, books, furniture, and various retail products. To encourage sales, Black Friday's official website in Brazil allows the user to register to receive e-mail offers alerts in advance.

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The event takes place in several countries around the world, and most of them take place on the fourth Friday of November, one day after Thanksgiving. In 2017, offers generated 2.2 million orders in Brazilian e-commerces, moving R $ 2.1 billion in sales. Check below how to register your email to receive offers and promotions from Black Friday firsthand and track the value of products before the event.

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Want to buy cell phone, TV and other discount products? Know the Compare

How to register

Access the official website of Black Friday in Brazil ( and enter your name and email in the fields indicated. To finalize the registration, press the button "I want to register". Thereafter, the platform must send promotions alerts to the informed e-mail.

Black Friday's official website in Brazil sends e-mails with special offers before the event

Compare prices

According to research carried out by the Zoom website, anticipating purchases and comparing prices can generate good savings for consumers. Compare website has a tool that shows the price history of a product in the last six months. The tool is ideal to know if the product is actually on sale and if the purchase on Black Friday is worth it. Learn, below, how to compare the price of a product at Compare.

Step 1. Access the Compare and search the desired product in the search field. In this example, we will use an iPhone 8 64GB;

Search for a product in Compare

Step 2. Select the desired product from the results;

Choose the product you want among Compare results

Step 3. Select the "View complete history" option to be directed to the price comparator;

Compare has a price history for a product in the last six months

Step 4. Roll over the dates to view the price in each period. Select also if you want to view the history of the last 30 days or six months.

Comparison price comparison shows the values ​​in each period

Ready. Take advantage of the Black Friday tips before the day of the event and compare the prices of the products on sale.

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