Bought a new Android? Here's how to download all apps from the old phone

Google has a simple way to transfer apps from an old phone to a new Android. When connecting a phone for the first time, the user can choose to retrieve data from a smartphone from any manufacturer, including Apple's iPhone (iOS). The feature still saves settings such as wallpaper and background, avoiding complicated backups at the time of cell phone switching.

In this tutorial, TechTudo teaches you step-by-step how to transfer apps and other settings from an old phone to a new Android device.

See how to download apps from an old phone to a new Android

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Step 1. Turn on the new Android-powered smartphone. On the first screen, touch the arrow next to "English" to change the language. Tap the "Portuguese" option.

Android Welcome Home Screen

Step 2. In the new dialog box, select "Brazil" to set the language with the country's Portuguese. Then press the "Come on" button.

Setting the language of your smartphone to Brazilian Portuguese

Step 3. At the "Welcome" screen, touch the "Copy your data" option. Next, Android will prompt you to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Select the network you want.

Connecting the new Android phone to the Wi-Fi user network

Step 4. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and press "Connect". The manufacturer can enter some extra steps in this step - in the case of Motorola, the acceptance of the privacy settings is initiated, being necessary to press "Accept and Continue" to follow the definitions.

Acceptance of manufacturer privacy settings

Step 5. Since the old cell phone used in this tutorial was also an Android, we selected the first option. If you want, you can redeem apps from an iPhone or from a backup in the cloud. Choosing the first option, you need to enter your Google email, then press "Next". After entering the password, touch "Next" again and then "I agree".

Backup selection from old Android device

Step 6. Tap the device from which you want to redeem apps and data. Then touch the arrow next to "Restore all apps" if you want to choose which ones to download.

Old mobile choice from which apps will be downloaded

Step 8. Let checked with a check all the apps you want to transfer to the new cell phone and deselect the ones you do not want. Click "Restore" and wait a few seconds. Then Google will offer some services, which may be refused. Press "Next" to continue with the settings.

Selection of apps that will be transferred from old cell to new

Step 9. If your new phone runs Android 7 or higher, the system will suggest that you configure Google Assistant. Touch "No thank you" to skip this step. Finish on "All set".

Android Final Configuration Screens

Step 10. Note that your wallpaper and screen rest are already on your new Android. Please wait until all other files and apps are downloaded.

New Android phone with apps, files and settings imported from old handset

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