Bradesco Health: how to find pharmacy by cell phone

Bradesco Saúde policyholders have an exclusive application that gives access to various tools, such as doctors' consultation, digital plan portfolio, statements and requests for reimbursement. The app is free, but requires a registration containing information such as wallet number, email and CPF. Among the functions available is also the one that allows to find nearby pharmacies, with distance right in meters and visualization of the address on the map.

Although the plan offers discounts on several generic drugs in more than 1, 500 pharmacies, the function to find nearby pharmacies does not guarantee any offer. Still, it makes life easier for policyholders who want to find establishments close by in a practical way.

Applications Bradesco Saúde allows you to find nearby pharmacies. See tutorial.

How to find Bradesco Saúde doctor by cell phone

Here's the step-by-step guide to consulting nearby pharmacies in the Bradesco Saúde app. The procedure was done on a Galaxy S7 with Android 7 (N).

Tutorial on Android

Step 1. With the application open and logged into your account, tap the top right menu and then "Next Pharmacies".

Click on the menu and then on nearby pharmacies to find establishments

Step 2. The application will automatically show the closest establishments, according to your geolocation. To do this, be sure to enable your phone's GPS. Then choose the pharmacy of your choice to view your location on the map.

When you find pharmacies, click on the chosen one and see where they are located on the map

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