Brawl Stars: see tips to do well in the game

Brawl Stars is the new competitive Android and iPhone game (iOS) released by Supercell, also responsible for the hits Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Full of action and strategy, the game places teams of players on maps filled with gems, which must be collected and maintained until victory. Check out tips to get the game right.

How to play Brawl Stars, new game from the creators of Clash Royale

Know the attributes of your Brawlers

Each Brawl Stars character has their own unique abilities and characteristics that make them unique during matches. Be sure to check out details of the fighters, such as health, attack damage and Super damage. Another possibility is to improve the attributes of the most commonly used Brawlers to boost their performance.

Brawl Stars: see tips to do well in the game

Team spirit is essential

The main mode of Brawl Stars involves two teams of three players, and it is essential that you organize with your teammates to win. Protecting your allies, organizing attacks on opponents, and even sharing gem loads are valid strategies that can win games.

Team spirit is essential to win in Brawl Stars

Do not forget your Brawl Boxes

As in Clash Royale, players can win and open item boxes, which may contain improvements to their Brawleres or even improvements to unlocked fighters. Keep an eye on the bottom bar to track progress.

Collect items from Brawl Stars boxes

Escape from combat to reclaim your life

Brawl Stars' life bars are quickly consumed by enemy shots, but can be retrieved simply by stepping away from the action for a few seconds. Whenever necessary, do not hesitate to run away from opponents. This will prevent you from dying and hand over the gems to the opposing team.

Get your life back from fighting in Brawl Stars

Check out the Trophy Path

The Brawl Stars Trophy Path works more or less like the Battle Pass of Fortnite Battle Royale, where the progression in the game releases various items and fighters. Click the top left of the main menu to see your progress and collect the rewards unlocked.

Get items on Brawl Stars trophy path

Watch your shots manually

It is possible to fire at nearby enemies simply by touching the firing button, but a more advanced alternative is to hold the command to gain access to the hand scope. That way you get even more accurate and specific shots that can change the course of a game. The function is especially useful for Super, more powerful strokes that cause various effects.

Target shots manually to improve your conversion on Brawl Stars

Play special events

In addition to its more traditional mode, Brawl Stars also has a list of special events, which are unlocked according to your progress in the game, and are a different and fun alternative to win items. Be sure to play alternative ways to discover new prizes.

Play special events in Brawl Stars

Try new Brawlers

His breakthrough by Brawl Stars unlocks new fighters, who have different abilities and can be useful in the most varied game situations. Try new unlocked characters to discover new game styles and set the one that best fits your pattern.

Try different fighters on Brawl Stars