Brazil vs Serbia live: how to watch the World Cup game online

The Brazil vs Serbia match will take place on Wednesday (27) at 15.00CET in Brasilia, where both teams will compete for the final round of the 2018 World Cup group stage. The fans can watch the match from the computer or mobile phone through the Globoplay. The platform displays live and free all World Cup games in HD quality.

Globoplay also offers content such as best moments of all disputes, special programs on the championship and much more, so you do not lose any details of what happens in Russia. To get access to the games of the Russian Cup, just make a brief registration, in the site or app of Globoplay, and follow the step by step below.

How to watch 2018 World Cup games live and free in 4K

How to watch football games on the Globo Play cell phone

On the computer

Step 1. Access Globoplay by the browser of your choice and in the upper left corner of the page click on the icon formed by three lines;

Access the Globoplay through your browser

Step 2. Among the options that appear in the side menu, choose the "Sports" mode;

Step 3. Then select the "2018 World Cup" icon;

Click on the 2018 World Cup icon on Globoplay

Step 4. You will be directed to the World Cup page. Scroll down the screen to view the video options, until you reach the live options;

Roll the Globoplay page

Step 5. Under "Live", click on the match you want to watch;

Click on the game you want to watch on Globoplay

Step 6. Next, log in to the service with your Facebook or Google data, or informing you of your previously registered email and password;

Sign in to Globoplay

Step 7. After performing the login procedures in the way that you prefer, check the box to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy and confirm in "Proceed";

Agree to the Globoplay terms of use to proceed

Step 8. Soon, the game you want will run on your computer. If you want to watch a match that is happening simultaneously, select "Switch Camera";

to watch other matches in Globoplay.

Step 9. On the right side will appear the game options. You can freely switch between them by clicking on the thumbnail of the one you want to see at the moment.

On Globoplay, switch between live matches

By cellphone

Step 1. Access the Globoplay app on your Android phone or iPhone (iOS), and slide the screens to the login options. If you have not yet registered, tap "Sign up for free";

Sign up for the Globoplay app

Step 3. Log in to the service with your Facebook or Google data, or by entering your previously registered email and password. Then select "Sign in now on Globoplay";

Use the service data of your preference to register on Globoplay

Step 4. Then, give the app permission to access the location of the device. Then touch the icon formed by three lines in the upper left corner of the screen;

Click the three line icon at the top of the Globoplay app

Step 5. Among the options that appear in the side menu, touch on "Sports" and, in the following screen, choose "2018 World Cup";

Step 6. Games displayed live will be displayed. You can switch between them by touching the thumbnails relative to each of them, under the picture of the game being played.

Live games on the Globoplay app

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