Bug takes Siri to read messages hidden in iOS 11; know how to avoid

A security hole in iOS 11 lets anyone access the hidden notifications on the iPhone lock screen. The bug is related to the Siri virtual assistant, which can read message content even though notifications are "hidden" on the locked screen. The exception is the Messaging application, which is native to Apple's mobile phone. In this case, Siri asks for the unlock password when asked about the messages.

The bug was identified by the MacMagazine portal last Wednesday (21), and is similar to the bug reported in October 2017, which revealed photos of the iPhone without asking for a password or biometric authentication. The problem was reproduced in iOS 11.2.6, the latest stable version of the system, and also in iOS 11.3 beta. In a note to the MacRumors website, Apple said it is aware of the error and should launch a fix soon.

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Fortunately, there are ways to disable some wizard permissions to prevent important data from being exposed. Here's how to protect yourself in the tutorial below.

Step 1. Open the iOS settings and tap "Siri e Busca".

Access iPhone settings

Step 2. Disable the "Allow When Blocked" option.

Disabling access to Siri

Another tip is to disable all features of the locked screen of iPhone to prevent bugs like this from being exploited.

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With information: MacRumors