Bug on Windows 10 activation turns Pro version into Home; see solution

Windows 10 October Update has a new bug that has hit computers running Windows 7 and upgraded to the latest version of the system. According to user reports, the upgrade caused the software to fail to recognize the original factory license, canceling the activation. As a result, the PCs of the affected people started to display a watermark on the desktop.

Microsoft acknowledged the failure and pointed to server errors as the cause. "I am sorry to report that there is a temporary problem on the Microsoft Activation Server at the moment and some customers may have this problem where Windows is displayed as not enabled, " said a company official in the official forum. Since then, the fix has already been released in Windows 10. Understand the case better and learn how to dribble the bug on your computer.

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The activation error occurred with users who have recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro, primarily located in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. When you perform the upgrade directly to the October Update version, which is the latest available, a problem on Microsoft servers caused an activation error. In an alert message, the system said the license in the system was Windows 10 Home, not the Pro version installed.

As a result, Windows now considers the non-enabled copy displaying the cumbersome watermark on the desktop. According to Microsoft, however, the measure did not prevent the use of affected computers. Some users have even considered removing Windows 10 Pro and installing the Home version in hopes of solving the problem. But, the recommendation is to ignore the unrecognized license notice and avoid making any modifications to the system.

How to solve

This Friday (9), Microsoft released a fix for the problem in the bug fix wizard integrated with Windows 10. Here's how to access the Troubleshooting Wizard to troubleshoot the bug.

Step 1. Access the Windows 10 settings;

Access Windows 10 Settings

Step 2. Access the "Update and Security" menu;

Access the Windows 10 Upgrade Menu

Step 3. Navigate the side menu to the "Activation" option. If your Windows is free of problems, the screen will display the message "Windows is enabled". If there is a license failure, select the "Troubleshooting" option to start the Microsoft wizard and obtain the fix.

Check the activation information and start the Troubleshooting Wizard if necessary

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