Can not download movies on Netflix? How to solve the device lock

Netflix offers different subscription plans, each of which offers a limited number of devices for downloading movies and series. The "Basic" plan lets you download videos on only one phone or PC, while the "HD Standard" lets you download on two devices. Already the most expensive plan, "Premium Ultra HD", provides the feature in four devices. This goes for apps on all computers and mobile phones, adding the different profiles saved in the account.

If this amount is exceeded, an error message appears on the screen and prevents saving the media. The good news is that the user can quickly resolve this by the account settings: just remove some device from the management list and then download it for a new device. Discover in this tutorial how to solve the device limit error on Netflix and do this unlock.

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Here's how to adjust the device limit download error on Netflix

Step 1. Open Netflix through the browser and access the account with your username and password;

Access your Netflix account through the browser

Step 2. Next, select the profile icon in the upper right corner and then choose "Account";

Open account settings in Netflix profile

Step 3. In the "Settings" category, select the "Manage download devices" option;

Open the download device manager on Netflix

Step 4. Note that at the top of the manager screen, Netflix indicates how many download devices are allowed in your plan. To use a new device, select the "Remove device" option from the list;

Remove one of the devices from the Netflix download list

Step 5. A confirmation message will appear and the device will disappear from the list. Now you can download it to another device.

Now you can download on a new device from Netflix

Ready. Remember that if you upgrade plan, the number of devices to download movies also increases.

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