Canceling YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers a free trial period for three months and then, if you do not cancel your subscription, you will automatically be charged for the service. However, the platform allows you to cancel the plan before this occurs, without losing the remaining time for the evaluation of the tool, three months in all. The monthly fee is discounted because the user must provide Google's payment data to have the temporary use released.

The service, which wipes out the app's ads and entitles exclusive content, was released in September this year and is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones for free through official app stores, Google Play and the App Store, respectively. If you do not want to risk being charged for forgetting the free trial request, check out the tutorial below how to unsubscribe from YouTube Premium.

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YouTube Premium has exclusive features and free trial period for three months

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Step 1. Open the YouTube app and tap on your profile photo in the upper right side of the screen to access your account settings. Then go to "Subscriptions";

Step 2. On the next screen, go to manage, and then choose "Cancel association";

association "on YouTube

Step 3. In the pop-up window that appears, enter the reason you want to unsubscribe and click "Next." Confirm the previous request in "Yes, cancel";

Tell YouTube why you'd like to unsubscribe

Step 4. Note that the message warns you about the permanence of the free trial period until the expiration of the validity, when it completes three months. Finally, complete the process in "Close".

Complete the process to cancel the free trial of YouTube Premium

At the end of the subscription period, the user resumes advertisements in their videos, can no longer download content to watch while away on the Wi-Fi network, or watch background movies. In addition, access to genuine YouTube content, the paid version of YouTube Music, and Google Play are blocked.

Ready. Take advantage of the tip and do not be charged after evaluating the YouTube Premium service.

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