Carnival 2018: how to find alternative blocks and routes with Google Maps

Google Maps has mapped the main carnival blocks that parade during the revelry in the city of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This year, users can use the maps application to find them on the streets and create routes to the location on the iPhone (iOS) and Android. According to Google, the platform will send alerts in real time indicating the streets that will be closed for tickets to revelers and even changes to bus lines in São Paulo.

Besides the blocks, the app will also indicate through searches the places where the parades of the samba schools take place in the two cities. To find out how to find blocks and create alternative routes to avoid closed streets, check out the following tutorial.

Google Maps shows how to find blocks and avoid closed streets during the carnival of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

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Step 1. Open Google Maps and tap the carnival period indication at the bottom of the screen. Then scroll to the info screen to see the list of blocks.

Option to see the Carnival blocks script with Google Maps

Step 2. Touch the block you want to go to, and in the next window, check out more information about the event. To view the location, touch the region map display.

Option to see more details of a Carnival block through the Google Maps app

Step 3. At this point, hold your finger on a street next to the block parade to insert a marker. Then touch "Routes".

Option to create a route to a carnival block with the Google Maps app

Step 4. With the route created, make the tweezer movement with your fingers to check if there are any streets that are closed down near the place. The interdiction indication is represented by the "-" icon in red. To return to full view of the route, re-tweeze to zoom in on the region.

Option to check blocked streets during carnival blocks with Google Maps

Step 5. To choose a route that is not close to the interdiction and to avoid a lack of places or excessive traffic, use an alternative route. To do this, touch the gray underline that represents the secondary route, and then start the route by tapping the "Start" option.

Option to use an alternative route with Google Maps

Use the tip to find and create routes for Carnival blocks in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

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