Cartola FC 2018: check out tips to do well in the fantasy of Brasileirão

Cartola FC is the fantasy football of the Brazilian Championship, which can be played for free on Android, iOS and internet browsers. In the game, the goal is to build a team with Brasileirão players and to make the best possible score for each round. Starting now your journey in Cartola? Check out tips to get it right.

Cartola FC is a fantasy game, that is, a type of game in which users climb imaginary teams of real athletes.

Cartola FC 2018: how to create leagues to play with friends

Cartola FC: see tips to go well in the game

Keep an eye on the table

When selecting your team for the Cartola FC round, take a good look at the Brasileirão table and upcoming matches. So it will be easier to understand which players and clubs are in good phase. Strong teams that face downside players are more likely to score goals and score well to boost their results.

Cartola FC 2018: keep an eye on the round table

Update your teams according to the game's warnings

Not all hard work needs to be done by you at the time of the escalation. In Cartola FC's own application you will receive information about players suspended, injured or cut from the starting team. Keep an eye on athletes with red edges, as this indicates that they should not play the next match.

Do not forget to remove players who will not play in Cartola FC

Follow good players from close range

Are you constantly being defeated by more experienced players in that league between friends? Cartola FC offers the option to track and compare your scores and scores with up to 10 other users, or 20 for who is Cartola PRO. Make sure you peer into your rivals' team to get new ideas.

Follow other players to track your score on Cartola FC

Enable app notifications

Cartola notifications are useful for reminding you to scale your team, warn you about changes to your rankings, and other important system warnings. Be sure to check if all the options are checked, to have more control over your team and never lose the news about the game.

Enable Cartola FC notifications

Do good business in the market

Has one of your players really valued himself in the last few rounds or is that one of his dream attackers costing little in the market? One of the functions of Cartola FC is to be able to sell athletes from your team to buy others. Watch for price variations to always have the best cast possible.

Make good deals in the Cartola FC market

Follow the news and tips for mitar

Inside the own Cartola FC gives to accompany escalation tips and news about the Brasileirão rounds. Remember to check out the news to take advantage of exciting opportunities such as good discount players or athletes to avoid.

Keep an eye on the latest news from Cartola FC

Check the list of the most scaled

A good tip for undecided players is the most scaled-up area of ​​the round in Cartola FC. So you can check out the list of the most popular among the community and still find good opportunities to strengthen your team.

See the list of the most scaled in Cartola FC

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