Challenge 10 Years Challenge becomes fashion in Instagram; learn how to do

Using hashtags # 10yearschallenge and # 10yearchallenge ("10-year challenge" in free translation) is the new joke among social networking users like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The idea is to compare their looks in two photos, one from 2009 and one from 2019. Other tags like #HowHardDidAgingHitYou (something similar to "how difficult was the aging for you") and #GlowUp ("shine") were also used. The fashion of "before and after" has fallen on the graces of anonymous and famous users, who have made their own combinations. As of Tuesday night (15) there were more than 1 million Instagram publications on the 10 Years Challenge.

Hollywood actress Viola Davis and digital influencer Bianca Andrade, known as Boca Rosa, have already entered the fever. Despite being on the rise abroad, the fun began to spread throughout Brazil and one of the pioneers was the comedian Fabio Porchat. Pop star Madonna also joined the challenge. In sporting spirit, she modified the hashtag and published "#thechallengeissurviving" ("the challenge is to survive"). The post has more than 177, 000 tanned and exceeded 3 thousand comments - see the most tanned photo of Instagram.

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10 Years Challenge Challenge Turns Fashion on Instagram

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This type of engagement is common in social networks, especially in Instagram. Last year, shortly after the World Cup in August, the #delechallenge, #deleallichallenge, #delealli and #dele hashtags moved the platform. The challenge was to replicate the gesture made by the English player Dele Alli over the eye when celebrating a goal for Tottenham. At the time, Brazilian player Neymar JĂșnior, of Paris Saint-Germain, got into the wave of his colleague.

Users also stared at the "Falling Stars Challenge, " in which the goal was to pose lying face down and display valuable items that were in pockets or bags before the fall. Another prank used the acronym "RIP" ("rest in peace") to publish photos in which users pretended to be dead. The intention was to win tannings and thus increase popularity.

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