Check out tips to do well in Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting and adventure game for Android and iOS, with the possibility of using famous characters, directly from the anime of the same name. The gameplay is real-time fighting, but with indirect commands on the screen. It is possible, for example, to combine cards to attack more powerfully, or to unite the Dragon Balls to deliver the combined hit, among other ways of winning. Although it sounds simple, Legends has a great strategy. Learn how to command well and become the greatest warrior:

Dragon Ball Legends is announced for Android and iOS

Use cards with spheres

In Dragon Ball Legends, combat is performed with touchscreen, but also with cards. Some cards come tagged with dragon balls, the most desirable items in the Dragon Ball universe. Always try to use the ones with this mark, in the corner, to be able to join the balls and perform the great special attack, Rising Rush. This way you can record more damage against the opponent in a short period of time, ensuring an easier victory.

Dragon Ball Legends

Special events

The main story is the great attraction of the campaign of Dragon Ball Legends, mainly for being unpublished. However, the special and temporary events revisit the entire Dragon Ball Z saga from Raditz to the end of the Majin Boo phase. They can be boring to accompany to those who already know, but are always good to face for a simple reason: their rewards are always enormous. Of course, with that, they are also harder to beat, so keep your training up to date.

Dragon Ball Legends

Focus on the main team

Speaking of training: always focus on the main team. Dragon Ball Legends has a number of famous characters and popular among fans of anime, but it is no use putting the Goku that you just took in the capsule in place of Kuririn, if Kuririn is much stronger - the training will be done all over again . The main team of the game has only six spaces. Set up the six main fighters and try to stay with them whenever possible. Your progression will be greater and more natural.

Dragon Ball Legends

Do not forget to equip

The equipment is fundamental in Dragon Ball Legends, but many people forget its existence, because they are in almost hidden places. Before each battle do not forget to go back and equip your characters, with items obtained from rewards and other areas of the game. In this way, they will always be better prepared for the fighting.

Dragon Ball Legends

The grind is required

Unfortunately, the "grind" is needed. For those unfamiliar with the term, it indicates a repetitive process of training and returning on missions that have already expired, to raise the level of their characters. As it is a free game, Dragon Ball Legends sells benefits. But whoever does not want to buy can also go forward for free, but he needs to train a lot more, and repeat several missions, several times. It's the price to pay.

Dragon Ball Legends


The main secret of combat, which everyone almost always forgets, is in the dodge. Tap and drag the screen sideways at the right time to avoid enemy attack. The secret of avoidance being so powerful and essential is precisely this: it has the power to completely avoid certain damage. So, never forget to dodge, no matter how hard it's tempting to attack.

Dragon Ball Legends

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