Check out tips to get it right in Agony, new horror game

Agony, the horror game for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, is a grotesque journey through the four corners of hell. You will have to face freaks, demons and total darkness if you want to reach the steps of the Red Goddess. Thinking about the challenge, has prepared tips for you to get well in the game.

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Take off the hood of the martyrs

Whenever you arrive in a new area with demons, do not forget to remove the hood of the martyrs to get a new body if you end up dying. You will have a time limit and three attempts, after which you will lose the current checkpoint and be forced back to the previous one.

You can not have a martyr who is hooded in Agony

Hold your breath

Demons are quick and sensitive to sounds. To go unnoticed by them, hold "Alt" on the keyboard, "triangle" on the PS4 or "Y" on Xbox One to hold your breath while walking. This simple action can be your salvation in scenarios of labyrinths and tight spaces.

The demons of Agony can hear your breath

Activate mirrors

The purple mirrors, those with several arms, are Agony's checkpoints . That is, the saves of the game are manual. Activate everyone you meet along the way to have a safe point where you can return to death or through the chapter selector menu.

Mirrors are Agony's checkpoints

It's lost? Use the Light of Destiny

The maps of Agony are dark and with paths that seem endless. If you get lost, press "F" on the keyboard, or the right analogue (RS) on the PS4 and Xbox One to use the Destination Light. The bright rays will point the way to the next chapter.

If you get lost, the Light of Destiny will show you the way in Agony

Take all the fruits

To improve the character's survival ability, you must collect golden apples. They are ten fruits in total, dispersed by various scenarios, which are used to buy or improve skills.

In Agony, forbidden fruits give points to improve skills

Search for gold statues

Agony is packed with collectibles that unlock more about the story and other information on the main menu. Although the environments are extremely dark, the items glow in golden color, which makes them easy to find. Scan corners, tables, bridges and secret chambers. You will find statues, notes and play arts.

Collectibles are scattered all over Agony's maps

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