Check out tips to get it right in Raft, Sea Survival Game

In Raft, survival game for PC (via Steam), cooperation and persistence are the keywords to stay alive middle of the ocean, without resources and with only a raft. But there are tips and tricks that can help you during this journey against storms and sharks. He prepared a list with them, check it out!

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Grow Your Own Food

Food is a determining factor for survival in Raft. The hungry character is disoriented and is gradually losing life. So do not just rely on fishing. Ride a small plantation and grow beets and potatoes that come in the barrels. The advantage is that you will receive more than the plant and will have a fixed source of food.

Create a small plantation to have food in Raft

Do not you have enough material to build a little piece of land? Do not worry. That old shoe, which you ended up fishing by accident, can be used as a planting pot. However, do not forget that all plants need drinking water from the filter to grow.

Beware of the seagulls

Where there is food, there are animals wanting to steal what little you have. Seagulls are annoying creatures that will try to steal food from the plantation. One way to keep them away is with a scarecrow. Another is using a wooden spear. Hunting seagulls requires a little more agility and attention, but you will be rewarded with meat and feathers.

A scarecrow will prevent the seagulls from eating their vegetables in Raft

Purify sea water

Sea water is not fit for human consumption and the same rule applies to Raft. Reserve the first batch of material collected to build the filter and a glass. Use the glass to get salt water. Put it in the filter and let the fire do its job. When finished, fill the glass with the drinking liquid and use the left mouse button to drink.

Filter and cup are essential for survival in Raft

Purified water also serves to water the planting.

Build a fishing rod

Initially, the fishing rod will be your second source of food. With this tool you can get a variety of fish, either for own consumption or to be used as shark bait. Mount a grill to cook the fish. Raw food feeds very little.

With the fishing rod you can get food and make a bait for the shark in Raft

Like most tools, the stick will wear out over time. So save one backup material to make another.

Be the hunter (not the hunt)

The shark is not just a threat. He is the first frustration of his journey. As you try to expand the space to build, the shark will try to destroy and, if possible, will take all the stations that mounted on the raft. One way to deal with it is by making a wooden spear. When the bug attacks, pierce it four times so that it returns to the sea.

Use the spear to ward off the shark and prevent it from destroying your Raft raft.

The shark bait is also very handy to keep you occupied - for some time. Before exploring the sea or anchoring on any island, be sure to drop a bait in the ocean.

Use a network to pick up items

Picking up items that are floating in the sea is not an easy task. It takes coordination, precision and a bit of luck. So, in order not to lose what is being carried by the sea, build a net. Any material that passes through the object will be automatically stuck.

Can not get all the sea items? Then use a fishing net

Search and explore the seabed

Now that you have food, water and the basics to move on, the next step is to explore and transform your raft into a small boat. Set up a research desk and use the blue plants found in the sea to unlock utilities. Such as dive material, sturdier objects and anchors to explore the sea and other islands.

Search to unlock new items in Raft

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