Check out tips for playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the medieval RPG to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam ), is full of secrets to be unveiled. Henry's journey will have innumerable obstacles, debts to pay, nobles to impress, and skills to come with patience and persistence. That's why we've prepared tips for the game.

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The food has expiration date

Having a little food stored in the inventory is important, considering that some trips will be longer than others. However, every food in Kingdom Come has an expiration date which must be respected. Do not eat anything that is below 50% (the value is shown in the inventory). Henry can get intoxicated and this will have a negative impact on his health - and you will need an antidote to heal yourself.

Dehydrated foods last longer in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

A good way to prevent this is to store dehydrated food, its durability is greater. You can also hunt and cook wild animals. However, remember to eat only what is necessary to fill 100 of nourishment . Do not eat more than that . Henry will be sick if he gets stoned and will perform poorly in combat.

Grab lockpicks without spending anything

Lockpicks, items used to break into locked chests, are a bit expensive to buy at the beginning of the game. However, Henry can get some for free with NPCs in the towns of Skalitz and Rattay - which will be very useful for stealing equipment from the guards at Talmberg .

Talk to Miller Peshek to earn free lockpicks at Kingdom Come: Deliverance

During the Unexpected Visit mission, talk to Fritz . The boy will give Henry some lockpicks to open the Kunesh chest. When you get to Rattay, talk to Miller Peshek and ask him to teach Henry to break open locked chests. In both situations you will receive free lockpicks.

Walk well dressed and be punctual

The nobles will not waste time with their shaven, dirty and poorly dressed feet. If you want the attention of the nobility - and even ordinary citizens - you will have to walk clean and tidy . Reputation is important in Kingdom Come and is able to change people's opinions about you. Henry can intimidate, please or annoy a simple change of clothes.

You can change the opinion of people with a change of clothes in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You can steal thugs to get different clothes. Or plunder the house of some nobles, as long as it is not caught. If Henry is lucky, he may find bodies with rare items in the woods. Use the bathrooms to keep clean and wash clothes . And do not forget to be punctual. You can lose goals or make the mission fail if it does not appear on the combined schedule. Pay attention to the cycle day and night.

Store items on your horse

Henry only has the ability to carry a certain weight limit and this disrupts his locomotion - the boy is unable to run and use the fast trip. One way to get rid of extra weight is to leave the items with your horse. In inventory, hold Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One and PC) on the item to transfer objects to your pet.

It's heavy? Transfer the items to your horse at Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Use the fast travel option

The map of Kingdom Come is huge and can scare you at first glance. But do not worry, Henry does not have to walk for miles on foot or on horseback to get to his destination. In the menu, you have the option of fast travel to cities you already know - as long as you are not in the middle of a mission or are overweight.

The fast travel option prevents you from walking for miles on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Beware of alcoholic beverages

Whether drinking a beer in the tavern or a wine with the nobles, Henry will hardly stay away from alcoholic beverages. In fact, the very item to save the game (Savior Schnapps) has alcohol. However, avoid exaggerations not to suffer from the consequences of a hangover.

Alcohol is a double-edged sword in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Also, if you drink too much Henry will, for a while, lose 2 points on your attributes. Use alcohol to your advantage . A little can loosen the tongue of Henry and guarantees temporary bonuses of charisma, strength and speech. Just be careful, because the young man can become an alcoholic.

Life does not regenerate during combat

Unlike other RPGs, life does not regenerate during combat in Kingdom Come. Even after the fights, life recovery is slow and realistic . The blows affect his stamina and to recover Henry needs to sleep or if in a bathroom.

Life does not regenerate during combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Food helps, but it's not enough, so if you're in the middle of a mission and need life, the best thing to do is to use potions . You can either buy them with an alchemist or make your own.

Pay your debts

Early in the game, Henry will collect some debts on account of favors. After all, nothing comes for free. But do not think the game will wait for you. Remember to pay what you owe before they come knocking on your door. In this situation, Henry will have some dialogue options to escape. If you can not, you will have to fight or give what you have to pay.

Pay your debts before they charge you in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Learn to Read

A simple peasant can not read or write, but Henry will have a chance to learn. In the village of Uzhitz you will find a scribe who can give you training. Join 50 Groschen to learn the most basic lesson and follow the steps of the mission to read a book in a book.

Books can help Henry improve his skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Books are a great way to improve Henry's skills (like hunting or alchemy). Reading is also a skill and needs to be trained over time. Each reading requires a different level, so check the requirements before you start a new book.

Talk to all the characters

It sounds like a cliché tip, but that's the way to raise Henry's ability to communicate. It will release new dialogues and will be able to convince people more easily. Talk to nobles, peasants, homeless people and ask about their lives, what they think of the city, what they know about the Cumans, etc.

Talk to everyone to improve your speech skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You'll learn more about the story, improve Henry's ability, and you'll still be able to discover key information for your missions. Remember that there is more than one way to complete a mission.

Play your way

Kingdom Come offers enough freedom for you to decide how best to handle the goals. Most often you will have more than one option to finish a mission and not all of them are obvious - Henry needs to investigate and talk to people. In the end, who decides is you.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gives you the freedom to choose which path you want to follow

Henry can be an honorable man, a thief, a smart guy or an extreme obedient. Play your way and explore other alternatives. However, do not forget that every action has a consequence.

Practice leads to perfection

In Kingdom Come, skills only increase with repetition. That is, to be better with the sword you must use it. To read more complex books, read more. And so it goes. Another way is to pay some instructors in the cities to give Henry teach different skill levels.

Practice makes perfect in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If you have money it is a good alternative.

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