Check the requirements and see tips to do well in House Flipper

House Flipper is the launch of the simulation genre for Windows and Mac computers (via Steam). In the game, the player becomes a true handyman, able to clean, dedetize, paint and even demolish entire rooms, all to close a good deal with their customers. Check out the requirements and tips to get on well in the game.

Before playing, check out the requirements to run House Flipper:

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Operational systemWindows 7 (64bit) or Mac OS X 10.9+Windows 10 (64bit) or Mac OS X 10.12+
ProcessorIntel Core i3 3.2GHz or higherIntel Core i5 3.5GHz or equivalent
Memory4GB of RAM8GB of RAM
Video cardGeForce GTX 560 or equivalent / Intel Iris Graphics 6200GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent / AMD Radeon Pro 580
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
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Requests and investments

House Flipper has two modes, one with missions and another free game, where you can buy, renovate and sell houses. The first is to accept customer requests via email. The contractor asks for a to-do list, from catering to appliance assembly, and offers an amount for the final work - as long as it is well done.

The House Flipper story mode is customer requests via email

In the missions, two points are important: cost and agility. Profit varies according to your performance on the goals. That is, try to complete all of the points requested and invest in skills that use less material, upgrade equipment, and optimize labor.

When painting a wall using 40% less paint, you can cover a larger area, for example, and without losing quality. In House Flipper you can take advantage of a number of small advantages with the skills that will make your work faster, easier and more profitable.

The free-building mode is focused on negotiation skills and buyers' characteristics. Customers have quirky tastes and this is the key to a good sale. But do not shoot everywhere. When starting retirement, pay attention to preferences in "Buyers" and focus on just one buyer to get a certain sale.

House Flipper also has a free mode, in which you buy, renovate and resell houses

Remember that it is you who will pay for the expenses of the catering, decoration and facilities. So the same story mode hints are valid here. Stay tuned for comments from people during construction on the left side of the screen. Some furniture, such as rugs, bookshelves and sofas, are seen as positive for all buyers.

Use the mini map

The mini map, to the right corner of the screen, is your greatest helper in the renovations. If lost, use the icons to guide you through what needs to be done. Black smudges are dirt marks, while red icons signal items that need to be installed. Green lines indicate that a wall should be built there and red ones should be demolished.

The mini map shows the goals in House Flipper missions

Practice leads to perfection

The only way to improve skills is through practice. So be a real handyman; break walls, build, paint rooms, and pick up as much trash as you can with your own hands. The more work you take, the more experience you'll have to buy useful functions.

However, it is not worth spending your points on any skill. So check out the utilities for each skill in House Flipper:

Practice makes perfect in House Flipper


Cleaning is done in two ways. With the hands, to remove boxes and garbage in general, and with the help of a mop, item that removes stains from the floor, furniture and walls. The vacuum cleaner is for another purpose. It is used in the deities to destroy cockroach nests.

Improve the mop to clean faster on House Flipper

- Insightful view: allows you to see dirt on the mini map;
- Quick hands: increases cleaning speed;
- Long range: this ability upgrades the cleaning equipment (mop and window cleaner), making them more efficient and quick in removing dirt;


Demolition works are more specific and are usually related to the expansion or change of rooms in the houses.

Increase the power of the demolition hammer in House Flipper

- Hammer Maniac: Increases the speed of the tool;
- Steel triceps: increases hammer strength;
- Good equipment: updates the hammer and improves its speed;


The construction activity is not as common as it seems, only in renovations or when there are requests to share rooms. Here, speed makes no difference. Use the dots to buy the last two skills, which will advance the overall work and the painting.

Accelerate work and reduce construction costs in House Flipper

- Rapid construction: increases speed of construction;
- Mason: creates walls already painted with the local color;
- One person's team: can build more walls at once;


Painting requires more time than any other job because it is necessary to paint every corner of the house to complete a task. In addition, it is one of the most popular requests among customers. The first and third skills are essential to help you in story and free mode.

Use paint base to save paint and maximize profits on House Flipper

- Paint base: reduces ink consumption;
- Ultrafast painting: increases the speed of the paint roller;
- Paint more: paint 2, 3 and 4 walls at the same time;


Trading is very useful in free game mode. The skills list allows you to negotiate prices with potential buyers.

In the free mode of House Flipper, pay attention to the comments of the possible buyers

- Price to be negotiated: allows negotiating the price of real estate;
- Quick order: decreases the requirements of the orders;
- Higher salary: increase the remuneration for ready-made houses;

Does everything

Being a handyman is your profession, but you can be more effective in tedious actions like plugging holes, investing points in this skill.

The Skill skill accelerates the assembly of equipment in House Flipper

- Assembly: increases the assembly speed;
- Tug: increases the speed to tow walls;
- Assembles tiles: puts tiles and panels faster;

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