Chicken Pintadinha talks to children by Google Assistant; see how

The Google Assistant allows children to chat, play and interact with Little Pintadinha. Google's Artificial Intelligence service functionality provides character videos and songs, guessing games, and activities to learn new words. Compatible with Android and iOS devices such as mobile phones and tablets, the feature was made available in October in honor of the children's month.

The feature marked the breakthrough of family-focused activities within the Google Assistant, which keeps the platform open to developers to generate content for the children's audience. Currently, the virtual assistant already allows you to create your own routines and access educational information, such as studying for Enem, for example.

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Pintadinha interacts with children in Google Assistant

The phenomenon Pintadinha appeared in a Brazilian video on YouTube, in December 2006, and became one of the biggest hits among the country's children's audience. The character has more than 19 billion views on Portuguese and other language channels, about 2.5 million DVDs sold and hundreds of licensed official products. Check below how to interact with Chicken Pintadinha by Google Assistant.

How to activate Chicken Little

Step 1. Speak the command "Ok Google, talk to Chicken Little" to open the service of the character in Google Assistant. You'll see the possibilities for interactions available.

Enabling the Chicken Fowl service in Google Assistant

1. Surprise Egg

Step 1. The activity "Surprise Egg" is a guessing game in which the child must discover the content within the egg, according to the silhouette. To answer, simply enter or speak the answer through the microphone;

Surprise "in Google Assistant

Step 2. The correct answer will appear on the next screen.

Surprise "by Google Assistant

2. Who am I?

Step 1. In the game "Who am I?" it is necessary to guess which character in the universe of Chicken Pintadinha appears in the image. To answer, you must enter or speak through the microphone;

Children should try to guess which character of the Little Fowl appears in the picture, as a joke from Google Assistant

Step 2. The Google Assistant will show you the correct answer.

Google Assistant shows correct challenge response proposed by Chicken Pintadinha

Music Hour

Step 1. In "Time of Music", the user can watch clips of songs of Chicken Pintadinha. You can speak in the microphone the title of the song the child wants to hear or select from the options available at the bottom of the screen;

Chicken Pintadinha makes your videos available on Google Assistant

Step 2. The video will open and the music will play immediately.

Google Assistant plays videos with songs from Chicken Little

Chicken Responds

Step 1. In the "Chicken Responds" option, the child can ask Chicken Chick and know, for example, what she likes to eat, where she lives or who her friends are. The question can be asked by audio or by selecting the options from the bottom of the screen. The Chicken responds in audio, in a playful way, with its language "powder, powder, powder", and Google Assistant translates what was said, in audio and text.

Pintadinha answers children's questions through Google Assistant

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