Chrome Cleaner: clean extension and accelerate Google browser

The Chrome Cleaner extension is a tool to keep Google Chrome fast. At one glance, the plugin allows you to exclude from the browser the data that overloads its operation, such as browsing history or downlods, cookies, site data, saved passwords and even unused extensions. Deleting these records can ensure that Chrome starts faster and loads pages more fluidly. Here's how to use Chrome Cleaner.

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Plugin for Chrome cleans and leaves browser faster

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Step 1. Go to the Chrome Cleaner download page and click the "Use in Chrome" button;

Option to prepare the Chrome Cleaner extension download

Step 2. Click "Add Extension" to begin the installation;

Option to download and install the Chrome Cleaner extension for Google Chrome

Step 3. Click the rubber icon, located in the upper corner of Chrome to start the extension;

Action to start Chrome Cleaner extension

Step 4. Check the options you want to use when cleaning the browser. Click all options if you do not mind losing lost passwords, browsing history, and extensions that are not being used;

Chrome Cleaner extension options for Google Chrome

Step 5. Under "Remove all browsing data from", click the blue arrow, as shown in the image;

Option to customize deletion of Chrome browsing history from the Chrome Cleaner extension

Step 6. Set how much of the history you want to delete. If you do not mind saving this data, check "The begining of time" to clear all the history;

Option to set which browsing history period will be deleted from Chrome with the Chrome Cleaner extension

Step 7. To proceed, click the green "Clean Now" button;

Option to clean Google Chrome with the Chrome Cleaner extension

Step 8. To confirm the start of cleaning, click the "Clean" button.

Screen to confirm Chrome cleanup with Chrome Cleaner extension

Take the tip let Google Chrome fast to start and open web pages.

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