Chrome extension helps identify fake profiles on Facebook

Google Chrome users can use the FAKE FB plugin to identify fake profiles on Facebook. The tool, which adds a small blue button on the browser extensions bar, allows the user to check with a single click if a profile is fake. In this way, the feature is ideal for checking new friend requests and unknown profiles that send messages in the Facebook chat, Facebook Messenger.

According to the developers, the tool uses metrics developed by social network analytics to determine the veracity of an account. The extension hit rate is 90%. Check out how to install and use the extension in Chrome.

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Chrome extension helps identify fake profiles on Facebook

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Step 1. Access the FAKE FB download page and click the "Use in Chrome" button;

Option to prepare FAKE FB extension for Google Chrome

Step 2. To download and install the tool, click the "Add extension" option;

Option to download and install FAKE FB extension in Google Chrome

Step 3. Access a Facebook profile that you suspect is fake and click the blue button on the Chrome Extensions bar, as shown in the image below;

FAKE FB extension button that lets you know if a Facebook profile is fake

Step 4. The analysis result will appear in an on-screen alert. If the profile is false, the following message will be displayed on the "This profile seems to be: FAKE!" Screen.

Result of parsing a profile in FAKE FB extension for Google Chrome

Take advantage of the tips to ask questions about whether a profile is true. The tool can help you avoid problems with profiles that launch spam and viruses on Facebook.

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