Chrome extension shows whether a product is cheaper at another store

The Cheapest PROTESTE range identifies whether the product you are buying appears with the lowest price at another online store. The tool is recommended for people who want to shop on a daily basis or on special dates, such as Black Friday 2018. The procedure only works with the 23 partner stores that are presented as soon as the extension installation is completed.

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After installation, the user must access a purchase page for the tool to perform a background search. If the same product is found cheaper at another store, a link to the page is displayed at the top of the screen. Here's how to install and use the Cheapest PROTEST to buy products at the lowest price on the Internet.

Protest helps to find the cheapest products on Black Friday

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Step 1. Go to the download page for the extension and click the "Use in Chrome" button;

Action to download the Cheapest PROTESTE extension for Chrome

Step 2. Click the "Add Extension" button to download and install the tool in Chrome;

Action to Download and Install the Cheapest PROTESTE Chrome Extension

Step 4. Access a product you want to purchase and wait for the extension action. If the product is found to be cheaper, an indication will appear in the upper corner of the screen. The notice presents your savings if you choose to buy from another store. Click this button to see the cheapest product;

Action to access a lower priced product on another site using the Cheapest PROTEST for Chrome extension

Step 5. The other online store's page will open with the cheapest value product. At this point, just complete your purchase.

Cheapest product found with the Cheapest PROTESTE for Chrome extension

Use the tip whenever you want to find a cheaper product to buy over the Internet.

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