Chrome Portable: how to download and install the browser on the thumb drive

Google Chrome Portable is an unofficial version that can be installed directly on the pen drive and used on any computer. The feature is useful for anyone who needs to work on multiple PCs and wants to keep the history of visited websites and accounts logged in the browser without having to synchronize the data over the Internet.

In the following tutorial, check out how to download and install Chrome Portable on your flash drive. You must have at least 160 MB of free space on your device. In addition, the application is only for users of Windows PCs. The download is available in 32-bit or 64-bit.

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Learn how to install Chrome Portable on the thumb drive for use on any PC

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Step 1. Go to the portable version of Chrome website ( and press the green button that reads "Download from". If you want to use the 64-bit version, still in testing, the file is available in another link (;

Downloading Portable Chrome from Portable Apps

Step 2. After you finish downloading, go to the download folder on your computer and open the Chrome Portable installer. Select the desired language and press "OK";

Choose the language for your Chrome Portable installation

Step 3. Next, select "Next";

Installing Chrome Portable

Step 4. Agree to the program's terms of use to continue;

Agree to the terms to install Chrome Portable

Step 5. Now to install Chrome on the thumb drive, select "Browse ..." and choose the drive of your thumb drive. Then press "OK";

Installing Chrome Portable on thumb drive

Step 6. Returning to the previous screen, press "Install" and wait until the browser is installed. You must be connected to the Internet;

Set the destination folder for Chrome Portable

Step 7. After finishing the installation, to use the portable version of Chrome, open the "GoogleChromePortable" folder on your pen drive and run the browser.

Running Chrome Portable

Ready! Remember to close the program whenever you need to remove the pen drive from your computer to prevent files from being corrupted.

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