Chrome tests new look on Android; see how to use

Google is testing a new look for the Chrome tab switcher on Android. The main change is that the pages are arranged horizontally instead of overlapping. With the modification, the browser starts to display fewer tabs, making the interface leaner. On the other hand, users who often keep many websites open will find it more difficult to switch between tabs.

In the following tutorial, learn how to enable the new look for the Chrome tab switcher on your phone. The feature is only available for the Google system, and it is necessary to use the Canary version of the browser to test the new interface.

New look for Chrome Canary tab switcher for Android

How to open the tabs accessed in Android Chrome on the PC and vice versa

Step 1. Open Chrome Canary. In the address bar, type "about: flags" (without quotation marks) and press Enter. Use the search to locate the experiment "Enable horizontal tab switcher" and tap "Default".

Visit the Chrome Experiments page

Step 2. Select the "Enabled" option to enable the feature. You will then need to restart the application to activate the new look. To do this immediately, tap Relaunch now in the lower right corner of the screen.

Turn on the feature and restart the app

Step 3. After restarting, tap on the tabs button to see the new interface. To close a page, simply drag the card up or down.

Accessing the new Chrome Tab Switcher

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