Coca-Cola Christmas App Shows Bears with Augmented Reality in Can

Coca-Cola has launched the Coca-Cola Christmas app for Android and iPhone (iOS) that lets you use coolant packaging to play Christmas-themed animations. The feature uses augmented reality technology to create stories starring the famed white bears family, which turns 25 and has become a tradition in the company's year-end commercials. Four messages with the following headings are available: 'If you can not, ask for help'; 'When one speaks, the other listens'; 'Christmas caravans'; and 'At supper, everyone participates.' Each package brings a different story.

To perform the procedure on the tool it is necessary to have aluminum cans in 310ml or 350ml versions or 2L or 3L PET bottles. In the following tutorial, check out how to use the Coca-Cola Christmas app to play the animations. The step by step was performed on an Apple smartphone, but the interface and use of the application are identical in the operating system of Google.

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Learn how to use the Coca-Cola app to see Christmas animations

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Step 1. Install the Coca-Cola Christmas app on your phone. When you open the app for the first time, you'll be prompted for access to your location. Tap "Allow" to authorize. Then you must select the Coca-Cola packaging you own. Then press "Play";

Choose the type of packaging to use in the Coca-Cola Christmas app

Step 2. The application will also need access to the camera on the phone to work. When prompted, press "OK". Then frame the can or bottle of refrigerant until the carton appears. When this happens, tap on the play button to start the animation;

Let the Coca-Cola Christmas app access the camera phone

Step 3. Finally, just watch the message. The user can move the phone to see other angles and bring the camera closer to the can to see the details. When the animation is finished, you can play it again by tapping "Watch again" in the lower right corner of the screen, or go back and choose another package to see a different view.

View the Christmas animation in the Coca-Cola Christmas app

Ready. Enjoy the hint and enjoy the Christmas messages from the Coca-Cola Christmas app.

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