Connecting your iPhone to a hidden Wi-Fi network

Hidden Wi-Fi networks ensure more security by preventing unauthorized people from accessing the internet as well as information shared by the devices connected to the same router. The feature is present on iPhone (iOS). In the following lines, learn how to perform the procedure.

In addition to the password, it is necessary to know the name of the network - also known as SSID - while respecting the uppercase and lowercase letters to connect to the network. The step-by-step was done on an iPhone 8. The tips are also valid for other models of the Apple phone and the iPad.

Learn how to connect your iPhone to a hidden Wi-Fi network

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Step 1. Open the iOS "Settings" and touch "Wi-Fi".

Access Wi-Fi settings

Step 2. Now you must tap "Other ..." and enter the name of the network exactly as it was passed, including the uppercase and lowercase letters. Then, if the network has a password, touch "Security".

Enter the network name

Step 3. Select the network security standard - the most common is "WPA2". Returning to the previous screen, enter the password, and then touch "Connect" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the type of protection and enter the password

Ready! The hidden Wi-Fi network will be saved and iPhone will automatically connect whenever it's available.

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