Controlling the Spotify music queue on your phone

Spotify Premium allows you to select the songs you want to listen to in advance. You can include the next songs and edit the order in which they will be played through the Play Queue. So, your favorite songs can be prioritized to listen with friends, at a party, among other places.

Here's how to add items to the Playback Queue of the music streaming service. The tutorial was done on a Moto Z2 Play equipped with Android O (8.0), but can also be used on other smartphones.

Spotify lets you organize the order in which the songs will be played

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Step 1. Open Spotify and go to "Your Library" to access the options, such as Playlists, Albums, Artists, among others. Then touch the option you want.

Open Spotify as you normally do

Step 2. Open the playlist by tapping the three-dot icon next to the track name you want to add to the queue. In the menu that appears, select the "Add to Queue" item. The song will be inserted in the list of the next songs to be played.

to queue "in Spotify

Step 3. To view and sort the songs in the queue, touch the "up arrow" icon in the "Playing Now" bar. Then, press the button that represents the playlist, located in the upper right side of the screen.

You can edit the Spotify queue

Step 4. The sequence of tracks will be played. If you want to change the order, touch the three horizontal lines symbol and drag to the desired position.

Spotify queue songs can be rearranged

Step 5. If you want to remove an item from the queue, simply mark it by touching the circle next to the song name. Then just touch "Remove". The "Add to Queue" alternative causes the song to be duplicated in the list.

You can also remove songs from the Spotify queue

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