Copying text from Instagram

Instagram does not allow you to copy caption texts and photo comments natively within the application - this function can only be performed on messages sent by Direct. But a trick allows you to select all post texts using the mobile browser, which can be Google Chrome, Safari or any other. Check out the following tutorial how to copy any text from Instagram. The step by step was performed on an iPhone (iOS), but also works on devices with Android.

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Step 1. Touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the Instagram post to open the menu. Then select the "Copy link" option to copy the URL of the post;

Copy the URL of the Instagram post

Step 2. Open the Internet browser installed on your mobile phone and paste the Instagram post link into the browser's address bar. The publication will be open on the Internet;

Open Instagram in the mobile browser

Step 3. Press your finger on the text you want to select, and then copy.

Copy Instagram texts using the Internet browser on your mobile phone

Ready. Take the hint to copy any text from Instagram.

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