Countdown on Instagram: learn all about the new sticker

The new Instagram countdown sticker is ideal for sharing the time remaining for the start of a given event, such as birthday, holiday or other commemorative date. Now that you know how to put down countdown on Instagram, it's important to explore the new feature to learn how to take advantage of it in your Stories.

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The sticker has several possible settings, such as choosing its color, creating and accessing a counting history, and managing the ones you want to reuse. To learn how to use all the options of the new Instagram Stories sticker, check out the tips below.

Instagram Stories lets you add a countdown to events suggested by users

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1. How to set the color of the sticker

Step 1. Touch the camera icon to access the camera in Stories mode. To continue, shoot a photo or make a video;

Action to produce a photo or video in storie to add a countdown

Step 2. Touch the figurine icon and click on the countdown thumbnail;

Action to add a countdown sticker to a content in Instagram Stories

Step 3. To change the color of the count, click the circle icon at the top of the screen. You can choose the gradient and solid colors in purple, green, orange, pink, red, black, white, yellow and blue.

Action to change the color of an Instagram Stories countdown

2. How to access the countdown history

Step 1. Tap on the figurine icon and choose the countdown thumbnail;

Action to access countdown history in Instagram Stories

Step 2. The counts you created will appear listed on the screen.

Instagram Stories Countdown History

3. How to reuse a history countdown

Step 1. Access the option to add a countdown;

Action to open the countdown history created in Instagram Stories

Step 2. Touch the count you want to reuse so that it is added as a sticker in the photo or video.

Action to reuse a countdown created in Instagram Stories

4. Deleting a history countdown

Access the history and tap the three-point icon on one of the countdown counters. Once this is done, touch "Delete" to remove the history counter.

Countdown history and option to delete an option from the list

5. Set up countdown notification

When viewing Stored Count, touch the arrow icon above the numbers and select the "Reminder Enabled" option. The action ensures that you will be warned when the countdown ends.

Action to set an alert for an Instagram Stories countdown

6. How to view who set up notification for your countdown

Every time someone signs up for the countdown, Instagram alerts the user with an alert on the app's notification tab.

Warning that a user has activated the countdown alert in Instagram Stories

7. Share the countdown of another colleague

Step 1. While viewing a friend's countdown, tap on the arrow icon and choose "Share countdown";

Action to start sharing a friend countdown in Instagram Stories

Step 2. The count will appear in the Stories camera. Simply take the photo or video and finalize the sharing so that the countdown appears in the new post.

Countdown of a friend being shared on Instagram Stories

Use the hint to make the most of the possibilities of the Instagram countdown sticker.

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