Creating a guest Wi-Fi network on the TP-Link router

Tether, the official TP-Link application, allows you to create a guest Wi-Fi network while keeping the connection secure. The tip can be useful for those who need to offer access to Wi-Fi, but do not want to pass the password of the main network of your home. The app creates a temporary wireless connection with all security settings and can be turned off easily.

See the tutorial below for a step-by-step guide on creating a guest network on the TP-Link router via Android or iPhone (iOS). The tutorial was done on the TL-WR840N, but is the same for other models of the Chinese manufacturer.

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Learn how to create a guest wireless network on the TP-Link router

Step 1. First of all, you should make sure that your router is compatible with the application. To do so, visit the TP-Link website (, which informs all devices with software support;

TP-Link website reports routers compatible with the Tether app

Step 2. Now access the downloads and download Tether to your smartphone. Once the installation process is complete, open the app and select your router;

Select your router in the Tether TP-Link application

Step 3. Login is required for the application to collect the router information. The user and password are the same as the device administration interface. If you have never changed this information, use "admin" (without quotation marks) in both fields;

Log in to the application to manage the TP-Link router

Step 4. On the app's home screen, touch the "Tools" menu and then the "Network for Guests" icon;

Enter the function shown in the image

Step 5. Enable Wi-Fi for guests by tapping the key below. Enter name and password to protect the connection. Do not forget to tap "Save" to register the information in the router's system;

Enabling the network function for guests

Ready. If you have followed all the steps to the letter, the guest network has already been created on your TP-Link router. If you are not finding the connection, restart the device and try again.

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